Located in the picturesque Southern Highlands of NSW, just a 90 minute drive from Sydney, Moonacres comprises an organic farm, cafe and – coming soon – a restaurant. We are committed to the ethical production of the best quality food from farm to table.



We aim to produce the best quality food in a manner that nurtures the land. We humbly accept that farming is, by its very nature, hard. Weather, weeds, pests, machines and even best laid plans, will sometimes turn sour and crops will fail. But this is part of our job, and we are committed to working with nature, not against it. Doing this, we enrich rather than rob our environment – and our collective future.

Our produce has won numerous awards, and is favoured by some of Sydney’s top chefs at restaurants such as Ester, Fred’s, Firedoor, Bacco and Clove Lane.

We sell our produce at a number of farmers markets, including Moss Vale, Kiama, North Sydney and Cambridge Markets at EQ in Sydney.

We are also embarking on an ambitious, long-term soil project at the farm. While we know we produce great produce, we think it can get even better. To see what we are doing take a look at our Soil Project page.




We love working with the best produce possible, and so as well as using our own farm produce, we support many other local small-scale producers (you can read about some in ‘Suppliers’ above). We go out of our way to find in-season produce and often visit local growers (even backyards), so we know the source of all our ingredients. Our food celebrates fresh produce, and we want to share it in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

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