Moonacres Kitchen’s Alter Ego, Jimmy Nardello,
Makes A Return This Summer!

November 8 – January 24

Discover the joys of regional Italian cuisine in country NSW.  Grounded in what is seasonal and local, Jimmy Nardello presents classic regional Italian dishes with a Southern Highlands twist.

Transport your tastebuds to the hillsides of Tuscany, the mountains of Lake Como or by the seas surrounding Sicily, and enjoy the flavours of honest, lovingly prepared food.

Delight in the beauty of hand-rolled pasta and simply prepared vegetables handpicked from the soil and inspired by the delicate touch of generations of Italian cooks.

Savour the ancient craft of salumi making as Jimmy Nardello offers up our winter’s work of cured meats.

Here for a brief time over summer on Friday and Saturday nights – don’t miss out on Jimmy Nardello’s a la carte dining. Bookings are recommended.

Spring Fermentation: Wine & Cheese

Saturday, October 26

Upcoming Fermentation Dinners:

Summer 2020: Beer
Autumn 2020: Cider

Moonacres Kitchen is welcoming spring on the farm with another inspiring collaboration with Pecora Dairy. Be part of the celebration of all things fermented – dairy, vegetables, meat, sweets and the humble grape.

On the night, you will sample Pecora Dairy cheeses, including their Delicious Produce Award winning ‘From the Dairy’ category, raw milk feta.

We will explore the natural wine making process with fermented grape favourites from local winemakers; Ari’s Natural Wine, Benson + The Mooch, Yarrawa Estate with their organically grown grapes, and Far Ago Hill and their bio-dynamically grown grapes.

Join us for an interactive evening of taste and discussion, with a menu especially matched to the wine, and crafted to highlight spring flavours.

$120 per person or if booking all three events, $100 per person per event

A Collaboration with Tathra Place Free Range

and South Hill Soil Farm

Saturday, November 2

Unbounded abundance of vibrant, living soil is the essence of Moonacres Farm.

To turn the soil biosphere dial up to ’11’, Moonacres Farm has launched a three-year project to close the nutrient cycle and unleash the natural symbiosis between microbes and plants. Can award-winning produce grow without external inputs? Will Phil Lavers fulfil his dream of leaving the soil more fertile than he found it?

A celebration of regenerative farming with like-minded farmers, the Regenerative Dinner will launch Jimmy Nardello’s season of summer nights dining.

“There is a lot of gloom and doom out there, particularly around the environment, farming and feeding the future. But there are people, farmers and other assorted ‘doers’ getting on with it.” – PHIL LAVERS

These pioneers are quietly breaking new ground with farming practices that guarantee rather than destroy our food future. Come and savour the tast of ‘Regenerative Farming’ with some of these innovators.

Jimmy Nardello, in collaboration with Clara Bateman from South Hill Soil Farm in Wildes Meadow and Luke & Pia from Tathra Place Free Range in Wombeyan Caves, will showcase the flavours that come from regenerative farming. Produce from other local farms that follow these practices will also feature heavily on our menu.

The food will flow with a few interspersed short talks from some of these soil saviours. The evening will lend itself to a long Italian dinner celebrated as one would in the comfort of a family home.

$125 per person