2.50Our menu is ever-changing, reflecting the seasons and selecting the best local produce available. Where possible we use organic Moonacres Farm fruit and vegetables. We make a selection of breads and pastries in house every day, as well as preserves and pickles, which are also available to buy in store. Here is a taste of what’s on offer…



Porridge: oats, roast apples, baked granola and raisins. $10.50 

Bacon & egg roll: free-range bacon and eggs on our own potato bread with house-made chutney. $11.50

Morning bruschetta: beetroot, goat cheese and citrus. $12

Eggs on toast: Two Jamberoo Mountain Farm eggs on house-made toast, as you like them. $10.50

Big breakfast: Eggs. bacon. sausage, mushrooms, baked beans and zucchini. $22

Brioche french toastwith rhubarb, walnuts and labneh. $16

Three egg scramble: with farm greens, feta, herbs. $16.50

Baked eggs: with house chorizo, chickpeas, onion, chilli and tomato passata. $18.00

Pork sausages and borlotti beans: pork & fennel sausage, olives, red onion and a fried egg. $20

Morning broth: hearty meat broth with cabbage, boiled egg and a cheese toasty. $12.50

Toast: your choice of today’s bread with house-made jam or marmalade. $6


Sausages $6. Bacon $5. Avocado $5. Mushrooms $4. Farm greens $4. Beans $4. Onions $4.



Egg on toast: fried, scrambled or poached on housemade bread. $6

Kids granola: with yoghurt. $5

Bacon roll: on potato bread with sauce. $8

Pancakes: with maple syrup. $5



Hacking pudding: spiced pork and currant meatloaf served with mustard cress, apple sauce and sesame. $18

Chicken salad: with red cabbage, croutons, snow peas, currants and almonds. $18

Amber salad: pumpkin, carrot, barley, pecorino fresco, hazelnuts, and orange dressing. $17

Bacon & egg roll: free-range bacon and eggs on our own potato bread with house-made chutney. $11.50

Broccoli sandwich: charred broccoli with chilli, swiss cheese and cashew butter. $14

Pork & kimchie toastie: roast pork loin, ham, kimchi, Marilla cheese and coriander aioli. $18

Salmon rye bowl: Ora King Salmon, zucchini, house fermented vegetables and rocket salsa. $22

Cheeseburger: beef patty with house-made pickles, aioli and ketchup. $16.50.

Add chips or salad $4.50

Chips: house-made, hand-cut potatoes. $9.50

House pies and tarts: See daily board for selection. $9

Add salad $4.50

Soup of the day: served with house-made bread and house-made butter. $12.50

Moonacres bread & butter. $5



Cheeseburger: with tomato sauce, pickles and chips. $12

Cheese toastie: on house-made bread. $6

Cup of soup: see board. $5